Red Desert Clusters

Our very special Red Desert Clusters are produced from the sunmuscat variety.  These are a seasonal offering based on the drying conditions of the harvest.  In perfect drying conditions, the cluster bunches are an amazing product that can be the highlight of any platter or restaurant dish.  Instead of harvesting the fruit with machine, the clusters are carefully hand picked and packed into cartons for premium markets.

Product is dried on the vine and mechanically harvested – fruit never touches the ground

Australian Vine Fruit Clusters

Main characteristics that define Red Desert Clusters are:

  • Full bunches of plump dried berries still on the stem
  • An amazing product to use as a garnish on cheese and nibble platters
  • Dried naturally on the vine by the Australian sun
  • Carefully hand picked directly from vine to carton


  • Bulk 5kg Nett Carton as pictured

Red Desert Clusters are packed in high grade telescopic cartons with blue liner.  Product is carefully stored in cool storage to limit pest activity and keep the product fresher for longer.

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