Australia’s largest fully integrated dried fruit company

At Australian Premium Dried Fruits we believe the world deserves to enjoy the most delicious sultanas, raisins and currants that nature has to offer. We enjoy a reputation in domestic and international markets for growing and processing “THE WORLD’S BEST QUALITY” dried grape products.


Company Overview

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Our Core Values

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Management Team

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APDF holds several certifications from both domestic and global certifying bodies

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Our Products

Our raw material is dried on the vine, using the highest quality farming practices. It is then processed in a world leading processing facility that uses “LOW IMPACT” techniques to maintain the quality characteristics of the fruit and prolong the shelf life.

Australian Sultanas

With a reputation as the world’s premium sultana, the Australian sultana has a natural…


Australian Currants

Australia has its own unique currant variety “Carina”, which has been developed to…


Australian Sunmuscats

Unique to Australia, the Sunmuscat has an amazing muscat flavour that offers an exciting…


Retail Packs

APDF is Australia’s largest fully integrated dried fruit company, as we have BRC accredited…


Mixed Fruit Blend

Pre mixed blends of out fantastic vine fruit products are available to be used…


Red Desert Cluster

Full bunches of plump dried berries still on the stem…


Customer Service

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The Process 

All Stages of the process from farm to plate are industry leading practices, which ensure the product is the highest quality available.

Farm Production

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Factory Processing

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